Our Mission

Before beginning my studies in Western Herbal Medicine I was after natural hair and body products which were affordable and had no nasties as most commercial products left me with burning rashes and eczema. I was soon very disappointed by the contents of the “natural” and “eco-friendly” range of beauty products available in stores. Not only are the prices outrageous, but many still contain questionable contents such as parabens, non-ethically sourced glycerine and the main offender palm oil.

Because Our skin is the largest organ our body has it seems sensible to make sure it was well looked after. After this realisation, I began a hunt for the good stuff; the products and recipes where I could pronounce every single ingredient, the kind that you can find in your kitchen – and eat if you so desire.

Our skin is a big indicator of Health, the outside is what the world sees, so why not put your best skin ever forward.

From your face to your feet, my range covers everything from cleansers to scrubs. But it doesn’t stop there, The Herb Spa also includes lotions, soaps, creams, as well as medicinal salves, and balms!

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